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This summer my dad had the heart wrenching realization that it was time to move my step mom, who suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, into a memory care facility. He visited care homes that came highly recommended, and he made his choice of Oakmont Senior Living in Carmichael. Twelve days ago we moved her in.

The last few years have been challenging and emotional on all of the family, but especially on my dad, who was her loving primary caregiver. Through this atrocious illness, my father has lost his love, his best friend, and his companion through thick and thin for 45 years. It’s been a time of many lessons on tolerance, acceptance, unconditional love, and above all, patience, as we navigated through this journey.

I will have my second visit with her at the facility tomorrow and I will once again find comfort in the beautiful gardens at Oakmont, as I did last week. I will walk hand in hand with her out to the raised beds bursting with colorful blossoms and vines, herbs and vegetables, and ripening fruit. We will check to see if the sunflowers have opened from last week, and we may sample the cherry tomatoes. We’ll be on the lookout for hummingbirds visiting the salvia. And we’ll sit together in comfortable chairs listening to the wall fountain as it sings it’s peaceful lullaby to us.

Our hearts are burdened and battered, emotions are tender and fragile. My father, siblings and I, along with our loved ones are all bravely walking into waters unseen. But we know how to swim. We’ll do this together. And we’ll be okay.



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  1. Taking in the beauty of those gardens must surely comfort the souls of all who visit them, patients and loved-ones alike. What a lovely way to spend an hour.

  2. If I go through this with my parents, Sara, I must find a place like this one–with a GARDEN…. fragrant, buzzing, growing, blooming, bright, and ever-changing. I can’t think of a more peaceful and sensory-filled backdrop for that precious hour visit with your loved one. Thank you for sharing. Blessings to you and your family. Kelly

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