Sunflower Fields Forever


Who doesn’t delight in the sight of sunflowers? A single stem of blooms along the highway, possibly “planted” by a bird, or a whole field of happy yellow faces. To me, their presence exudes radiance, strength, happiness and warmth.

IMG_4774I recently had the opportunity to stop and admire an entire field of these dazzling beauties just past Woodland on I-5 heading north. What a sight to behold! Standing proud under the brilliant sun were row upon row of gorgeous blooms. I wasn’t the only visitor; busy bees were buzzing all around them. I was a little concerned that I might get stung, but it didn’t keep me from getting up close and personal with them to take some photos. Now, I’m inspired to get some seeds in the ground pronto so I can enjoy some sunflower glory right here at home in the coming months.IMG_4735