Autumn Leaf Placemats

Here’s a quick little project that I made yesterday for the two youngest loves of my life for the Thanksgiving table. I’m not sure if they’ll last more than a week, but these placemats are fun, festive and wipeable, made with just a few materials.

Here’s what I used:

  • a variety of leaves
  • glue
  • poster board, cut to size
  • clear Contact paper


I gathered leaves from the yard, cut one piece of poster board into two, penciled in the names of my grandchildren, and then glued on leaves over the writing.IMG_6706IMG_6708IMG_6707I set them aside and let them completely dry for the day as I got busy with cleaning and cooking. That evening I cut two pieces of clear Contact paper about two inches bigger than the poster board on each side. I peeled the backing off the Contact paper, and carefully adhered it to the poster board, rubbing to smooth as many of the bubbles out as I could.IMG_6711IMG_6713The finish on the poster board allows you to lift the Contact paper a number of times to get it fairly smooth. IMG_6710Once you get the front of the placemat smooth, fold the extra inch or so that is on each side over and secure it to the back side.IMG_6714And here are the finished placemats.IMG_6717IMG_6716It’s a fun and quick project to make for a special event. I can envision different types of conifer needles to make Christmas themed placemats and flower petals would make pretty ones any time of the year, as well.

Hoping your day was filled with loved ones, delicious food, happiness and gratitude.

Autumn Wreath for the Little Ones to Make

This is a simple and fun activity that my grandchildren, ages 18 months and two and a half years, and I made last week.

Gather leaves, flower petals, seed pods, acorns and small pinecones with the children. Some of the nature items from our collection came from my yard and some from theirs.

IMG_6693Ready to begin, we covered the table with our trusty vinyl tablecloth, and while I cut out the circles on two Chinet brand paper plates, the toddlers got to work choosing which treasures to glue on. IMG_6559They each enjoyed squeezing the glue out and pressing leaves on. We chatted about the different colors, smells, and shapes of the leavesIMG_6560IMG_6561Once the creations were dry, I tied a bit of twine in the back to hang and added a twine bow in the front. So easy. Such fun!

One for Mama and Daddy’s house and one for Grandma and Grandpa’s.IMG_6567 (1)A perfect added touch to welcome Thanksgiving guests.