Breakfast on the Porch

Especially after a string of very busy days, isn’t there something so decadent about a slow Sunday morning? Sleeping in, taking the pooch for a walk and then having a leisurely breakfast while reading the paper feels like a true luxury.  A favorite recipe for these kinds of mornings is Barefoot Contessa’s Herb Scrambled Eggs. So simple. So fresh and flavorful. The recipe in the link is for serving a crowd, so obviously I just cut it down for the two of us. As you can see by my photos, I cook the eggs with the herbs in the mix, and I didn’t have whole milk or half and half in the fridge so I substituted just a splash of cream.IMG_5411IMG_5412IMG_5413Taking breakfast out on the porch makes it even better!
IMG_5297IMG_5353Look closely and you’ll see a zippy little friend who came to join us for his own breakfast! Happy Sunday to you.