A House in the Trees

This summer we had two new structures built on our property. One is a garden shed that I promise to show you soon, but today I’d like to give you the tour of our new tree house play structure for the children, which was finished in June, and has already seen many hours of play.

Nestled within four oak trees, and shaded by their branches, this new structure sits, ready for the children. As you walk up to the steps you’ll notice three personalized mail boxes. There might be stickers, a small toy, bubbles or a love note inside. You just never know!IMG_0808IMG_0137 Up the steps, here we go.
IMG_0171Hold on to the tree branch hand rails for support.IMG_9918Don’t forget to check the little fairy house on your way up the stairs. There might be something special in there.IMG_0368Open the wee door. This time there’s an acorn and a shell!IMG_0370Now we’re up at the top, about three feet off the ground. Excuse the mess; children have been busy playing here!IMG_0800IMG_0806IMG_0802



There’s plenty of room for running, climbing, butterfly chasing, playing with toys, doing a little chalk art, or steering a “ship”. Most recently we traveled to the ocean to see the whales!

In the coming years I can imagine camp outs and tea parties, star gazing and moon viewing. And I, for one,  can hardly wait to see just what other discoveries will be made here!

Treasures, Unearthed

Once in awhile while working in the yard I come across something that floods my heart. My breath catches, and life pauses while memories take me back to a time when my sons were children. Recently, two little figures from yesteryear have presented themselves as I’ve been digging in the soil. I found an armless Playmobil knight character and then a few months later, a little matchbox car.

IMG_5615 IMG_5616

Each, covered in dirt. Each, a treasure from so long ago. I now keep them in their current state, in a dish in our home office to remember that special time.

Those boys are grown men now, but this is the property where they spent countless hours building, creating, exploring, and discovering. We moved into our home when our children were 5 and 8 years old.  For many years forts were built in the trees. Rope swings hung from each. Hideouts were formed inside blackberry brambles. An area of our property was made into a baseball diamond for awhile, and then later it evolved into a paint ball war zone. Obstacle courses were created for bikes and then for 4 wheeling. My oldest built a large half pipe for skate boarding, and a red go cart was driven all around the property and neighborhood by two boys with wide eyed grins.

The places where they played have now been turned into gardens, wide paths and lawn areas.IMG_5611IMG_5610Five years ago my son and daughter in law were married under this pergola.IMG_5609 How quickly  time has passed. How precious were the days. The past may be gone, but it has been replaced by a wonderful future with new adventures, and best of all, once again, little ones play here.