Coming Up for Air

This! This is how I’ve been feeling lately! Scattered? Yes. Overwhelmed? Absolutely.  Physically sore? Indeed. The outdoor to-do list seems endless during the spring months: unceasing weed pulling, starting seeds, working on new garden projects, assessing damage from winter and then replacing or moving the plants that aren’t faring well, and then there’s planting the vegetable garden beds, sprucing up this corner or that one, checking irrigation…phew! Now where in the world did I leave that shovel?

But here we are in mid June and as I look around I can breathe a deep sigh of relief. The maintenance will continue but we’ve made it through the spring garden chores frenzy. It does feel so good.

The air is fresh. Flowers and foliage are vibrant. Butterflies and hummingbirds are fluttering and swooping. Birds are singing. At last there’s time to sit and enjoy all the beauty in the June garden. I don’t want to miss a thing! Please join me in taking in all that’s going on in your garden too.

Here’s some of what’s blooming right now:

ClematisSpireaHollyhocks Roses, Hydrangeas, Fuchsias and Hostas.  Cheers to June!

Savoring the Last Days of Summer

It’s almost time to give summer a long kiss goodbye and welcome the jewels of autumn. With comfortable warm daytime temperatures and cool nights and mornings, my gardens seem to be putting out a last beautiful blast of blossoms. Here’s how things looked today.

Japanese Anemone
img_1009 Calibrachoaimg_1008Roses
img_1007img_1006Impatiensimg_0953Sweet Autumn Clematis
img_1020Black- eyed Susansimg_1019Sedum, Autumn Joyimg_1016Salvia, Black Knightimg_1021Perovskiaimg_1014Lorapetalum
img_1027Sunflowersimg_1023I’m still harvesting tomatoes from my vegetable garden daily, but in another month I’ll be pulling them out. They’re the last of my summer vegetables that are still producing.img_1025 And then there’s this! Vibrant Virginia Creeper already adding so much gorgeous autumn color to a fence.img_1018And this beauty I found in the  lawn the other day. Yep, you can bet I’m savoring every bit of this late season beauty.img_0934What’s blooming in your garden during these last days of summer?

And now, off to take my husband’s hand and set off for an evening walk to admire that incredible harvest moon!img_1040