Out for a Stroll

I’m not sure how it came to be that my husband and I won the grandparent jackpot, but we did! Yes indeed, it’s true! These two little loves definitely have our hearts. Fortunately, they live only a half hour away from us and we have ample opportunities to spend time with them. We’ve found grandparenthood to be one of the greatest blessings in life. Knowing how fleeting these precious early childhood years are, we want to take full advantage of this time with them and build strong connections, so that, soon enough, when they’re in school and participating in other activities, they might still want to spend time with us now and then.

On this day we gathered up our darlings and loaded their Radio Flyer bikes/strollers into the car for an outing to the lake and nature preserve at El Dorado Hills Town Center. Easy to walk, it’s about a half mile loop along wide sidewalks with scenic views.

Here we go. See their little strollers…er… excuse me, bikes? The children actually pedal along while we steer from the handle in the back. Don’t call it a stroller in front of Evan. “No Grandma Sara, it’s a bike!”IMG_7526Here’s one of the beautiful fountains in the lake, and visible in the background are some of the shops and great restaurants.IMG_7520We pull over to do a little bird watching at this spot.
IMG_7533A couple of noisy Canadian geese entertain us with their swimming and diving antics.IMG_7534Here’s Heidi, happy as can be, and taking in all the sights as we stroll along.IMG_7507Picturesque views are all around us. You’ll find plenty of comfortable park benches surrounding the loop and many outdoor tables and chairs for dining al fresco. Most of these sat empty while dog walkers, joggers, walkers and others with strollers were plentiful on this warm afternoon in between storms.IMG_7502IMG_7519IMG_7518We manage two laps around the loop, stopping to investigate and discover here and there, and then it’s time for snacks and hot chocolate at a nearby cafe. What fun! Yep, this grandparent gig…we’re all in!

Buck’s Creek Trail

Along Silva Valley Parkway in the El Dorado Hill’s Serrano neighborhood is a lovely, scenic trail within a nature preserve. It’s a surprising breath of fresh air in the midst of busy Silva Valley Road and Serrano Parkway. I found the trail to be well maintained with clear paths, markers, and foot bridges. Parking spots were plentiful at the El Dorado Hills library right across the street. My dog, Gemma, and I had the trails mostly to ourselves on this gray January afternoon as we walked along, discovering ponds, small waterfalls, wild life and many birds.IMG_7381IMG_7385IMG_7388IMG_7390IMG_7396The photo below shows the reflection of the tree’s branches in the pond water.
IMG_7398I couldn’t stop taking pictures of the stately, magnificent oaks. I would have loved to climb this one and sit reading a book all afternoon. See all the low swooping branches? Some of them nearly touch the ground. 
IMG_7391IMG_7404IMG_7414Here’s another gorgeous old oak that I admired.IMG_7405As I approached the tree I noticed something special in the bark!IMG_7393Someone’s been making a tree fort in this one.IMG_7412IMG_7420 And yep, here it is…even a heart rock along the trail! What fun!IMG_7411“In all things of nature there is something of the marvelous.” ~ Aristotle