Sacramento’s Capitol Park

An edifice should be constructed…satisfactory of the grandeur of the coming time … surrounded by grounds … with a beauty and luxuriousness that no other capitol can boast.”

~Governor Leland Stanford, 1863img_1899img_1890img_1848img_1878On a recent November day I spent a delightful morning with my love strolling around the grounds of the Capitol admiring the memorials, gardens, statues, fountains and trees.

Covering forty acres and spanning twelve city blocks, Capitol Park began life in 1860 as just four blocks, and from then to 1917 the remaining blocks became part of the park’s expansion projects. Since 1869 eight hundred flowering trees and shrubs have been planted, representing over two hundred native and exotic varieties.

Here’s just a glimpse of the World Peace Rose Garden in Capitol Park, still bursting with blooms in November and displaying 650 roses in over 140 varieties of colors and fragrances.img_1866img_1865img_1864In honor of Veteran’s Day two harpists played gentle melodies in front of war memorials.img_1863Many of the trees planted are dedicated to former members of staff of the California State Legislature, or to mark special anniversaries. There’s also the Moon Tree, a Coastal Redwood that began life as one seed among hundreds which orbited the moon aboard the command module of the Apollo 14 mission.

Just look at all of this tree magic.img_1855img_1856img_1860img_1873img_1869img_1868img_1867img_1880img_1877img_1891img_1893Beautiful and luxurious grounds, indeed. What a great way to spend a few hours. I think Governor Leland Stanford would be quite proud.


Capitol Park World Peace Rose Garden


IMG_8901“A living reminder that peace begins in the hearts of each one of us – in our thoughts, in our words, and in our actions. Daily, each one of us has an opportunity to make our ¬†world a better place.” ~ Sylvia Villalobos

Sylvia Villalobos is the founder of the International World Peace Rose Garden Organization. In downtown Sacramento at Capitol Park, this rose garden was established in 2003. Created as a sanctuary of peace, love, and inspiration for people of all nations, cultures, and religions, it is dedicated to women, children and families.IMG_8887IMG_8888As we enter the garden, walkways lead to a courtyard which has a fountain as its centerpiece. Benches are scattered throughout the garden, and all throughout are inspirational messages of peace created by Sacramento area grade school children.¬†IMG_8890IMG_8889There’s the golden dome of the capitol peeking out behind the trees.IMG_8891Oh, that first mad flower frenzy of blossoms in a rose garden at springtime! Isn’t it exquisite? Here there are approximately 650 varieties featured; each one putting on their finest show!IMG_8892IMG_8895IMG_8896IMG_8868IMG_8867IMG_8601I was absolutely captivated on this day with the beauty of the roses, the heavenly fragrance perfuming the air, and heartfelt messages of peace all around.

May peace be with you.