Porch Sweet Porch

“I return to my front porch to find the place where the air smells sweeter and the sun feels warmer than at any other bend in life’s long road.”~John Sarris

Hello good friend! Welcome to the porch. It’s just ahead.IMG_9240Take one step up.IMG_9243Here we are!IMG_9113Come sit with me in the comfiest rocking chairs around. Here’s an iced tea.IMG_9114Let’s catch up on everything and try and make sense of life’s ups and downs. We’ll laugh and maybe cry, smile and listen, share and nod. Just being with you brings me comfort and joy! IMG_9244IMG_9121Amidst our conversations we’ll hear the songs of the birds, the whispers of the leaves, and the whirr of the hummingbirds.

I’m so grateful that in this big wide world we found each other. Aren’t we lucky? Come back soon!

4 thoughts on “Porch Sweet Porch”

  1. Sara your porch is Wonderful! Beautifully decorated with lovely nature all around but what I like the most is. ….it has the feeling of LOVE.
    It say the people who live here have huge hearts full of love. ♡
    Thank you for sharing!

    1. Hello Mindy. Thanks for stopping by. Your words bring me great joy! I so appreciate you, my friend.

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