Garden Glory at Maple Rock

Maple Rock Garden in Penryn, California is a private estate on thirty acres, only open to the public on special occasions a few times each year. I can’t write about Maple Rock without mentioning that Scott Paris, owner of High Hand Nursery in Loomis resides here.

High Hand Nursery is one of my absolute favorite destination nurseries (a little over an hour drive from my home) in any season. The nursery’s plants and trees are of exceptional quality and displayed so beautifully. I always come away with ideas for my own gardens, as well as treasures. If I’m going through a difficult time, I’ve found that wandering through the park like setting is just the tonic I need. I leave fully restored.

Four of the acres at Maple Rock are used for growing fruits and vegetables for High Hand Cafe’s seasonal dishes. If you go to the nursery plan to eat at the wonderful cafe. Everything I’ve tried is delicious. It’s always a busy place, though. Remember to make a reservation.

A few friends and I considered ourselves so fortunate to attend A Vintage Harvest, at Maple Rock Gardens, an event of antique vendors last weekend. Browsing the antiques, strolling the magnificent private garden and catching up with good friends – all the makings for a great day. Come along with us.IMG_6110IMG_6112 IMG_6113Love this idea. A shallow pot of succulents is set inside a hollowed out pumpkin and then a little moss is added.IMG_6115 IMG_6117 So much to see in the vendor section. And now, on to the gardens. We came across water features, meandering paths, formal gardens, and a wealth of inspiration with every step we took.IMG_6118 IMG_6119 IMG_6131I adore this sweet little bird house. We peeked inside the entrance hole and could see twigs and nest material. Wish we could’ve seen the birdhouse resident!
IMG_6135 Everywhere we turned were fantastic color combinations of foliage.IMG_6136 IMG_6137 IMG_6138 Don’t you just want to sit on that bench for awhile and take a deep breath?IMG_6142 IMG_6156 IMG_6157The property features one of the largest garden railroads in Northern California. Watching it just made me smile.IMG_6165 IMG_6144 IMG_6146 Did you see it?IMG_6149 IMG_6150 IMG_6151 IMG_6153Even with hundreds of people in attendance the gardens evoked such peace and tranquility. Thank you to Scott and Family. We were overwhelmed by the beauty.

4 thoughts on “Garden Glory at Maple Rock”

  1. Sara, you have put into words the peace, comfort and renewed appreciation for nature I feel every time I have the privilege of visiting Maple Rock Gardens and High Hand Nursery, and your pictures capture the beauty of this unique garden Scott Paris has developed and now graciously shares with so many. Thank you for this beautiful post.

    1. Thank you Sharleen. I enjoy all of the garden galavanting we do together and am so grateful for our friendship!

  2. Any idea how they manage drainage for the fountain that’s planted with succulents? I’ve wanted to do the same kind of thing with herbs.

    1. My guess is that they may add a layer of gravel at the base of each tier before planting in soil, but I don’t know how to keep it from getting water logged during heavy periods of rain (aside from covering it with a tarp). Let me know if you find out.

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