Catching My Eye

I can feel it. Can you? That subtle shift away from summer and into fall. Cooler morning and evening temperatures, less daylight, acorns spotted on my walks, birds feasting on the faded sunflower’s seeds, and yes, just a hint of color in some of the leaves. Here’s what’s catching my eye right now in late August:

This maple leaf gave me reason to pause yesterday evening as I was out watering. Just a hint of what’s to come!IMG_0811And this Chinese Pistache caught my eye in a parking lot last week! Won’t be long now until the trees are all aglow with gold, rust and crimson hues.IMG_0775I’ve cut back many of the summer perennials that put on such a gorgeous show for us all summer. Still blooming are the Black Eyed Susans,IMG_0627Bee Balm,
IMG_0695Colorful and carefree Zinnias,IMG_0367and a few Hollyhocks!IMG_0359Last September, I went to the outdoor wedding of a friend and fell in love with Sweet Autumn Clematis which was rambling along a split railed fence. A few days later I ran out and bought one for our yard. Just look at it now, happily climbing up the pergola! It’s a new favorite of mine.IMG_0810My brother brought me this rock all the way from Colorado. I’m loving the way it ┬ánestles in the roots of this oak tree near our porch. It’s bigger than my hand!IMG_0799A double heart within an olive tree’s bark. Such a delightful find recently!IMG_0542

Tell me, what’s catching your eyes during these glorious last days of summer?

“In summer the song sings itself.” ~ William Carlos Williams

Filoli Gardens

Located just 30 miles south of San Francisco in Woodside, and surrounded by a nature preserve, lies the grand estate and sixteen acre gardens called Filoli. The word Filoli was made up by the original owner of the estate, Mr. William Bourn, and it stands for FI-ght for a just cause; LO-ve your fellow man; and LI-ve a good life.

This was my fourth visit to this little bit of heaven and I don’t imagine anyone could ever tire of wandering through the immaculate grounds, taking in all of the boundless beauty and learning of the history of this impressive place. Donated to the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 1975, the country estate and the gardens are open to the public for exploring, self touring or guided tours. We toured the home, and it quite something to see, but my focus here is the spectacular gardens. Have a look!IMG_0602IMG_0597IMG_0553IMG_0565IMG_0626IMG_0561IMG_0562IMG_0556IMG_0590IMG_0601IMG_0577IMG_0571IMG_0629IMG_0585 (1)IMG_0583IMG_0578IMG_0579IMG_0557IMG_0564IMG_0567To learn about the history of Filoli, upcoming events, and planning a trip, I encourage you to visit Filoli‘s informative website, and then, just as soon as you can, treat yourself to a visit to this exquisite jewel. I promise you won’t be disappointed!